aboutI qualified as a chartered physiotherapist from Bath school of physiotherapy in 1987.  I live and practice in Torbay, Devon.

Since qualifying I have worked both in the NHS and privately. I have gained a detailed knowledge of a wide spectrum of treatments over the twenty seven years within my profession.  I believe this allows me to deliver an holistic approach to therapy; to best serve the needs of all those whom I work with. I sincerely hope this will be your experience, as it will be my intention to be guided by your needs throughout your therapy.

I have specialized in the:

  • Management of acute and chronic musculo skeletal conditions
  • Delivery of mindfulness techniques.  This is evidence based practice for the treatment of stress, pain and improving well being
  • Provision of occupational health services, providing advice on work home-logosplace issues to both staff,managers and HR

I set up this business in Torquay as I am passionate about helping people to develop ways to cope with the difficulties that life throws up. This may be due to poor health, emotional challenges or the every day stresses of busy lives and the many demands this places upon us.

I too have a chronic health condition and this has given me my own personal insight into working with the unpleasantness and distress of chronic pain and the appreciation and gratitude of how the skills I have learnt can be of benefit to others. This empathy and shared experience is a big driver for me to spread awareness of these highly successful and proven techniques.